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What was Knockmort? Do you know the true name of the Lady in Blue? Or how about which GG author appeared as a Hill Giant in The Chained Coffin?

All of these and more were part of our recent DCC#100 The Music of the Spheres is Chaos brain-teasing DCC Trivia challenge in honor of 20 years of adventure and 100 DCC modules! We scoured the archives for the lore of past adventures, the history of the Goodman Gang, and the trivia that is near and dear to the DCC fans heart! Some questions were easy, some obscure, but all of them reflect back on the multi-decade long adventure that is Goodman Games. Read on to test your trivia mettle!

Be sure to highlight the space below each question to reveal the answers – no peeking!

DCC Trivia

DCC#100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos is only the latest DDC adventure to feature a spinning wheel in one form or another. Which was the first?

> DCC #50: Vault of the Iron Overlord

From DCC #17 Legacy of the Savage Kings, what was Torgo’s signature move?

> Torgo’s signature move was gouging eyes!

In DCC #51: Castle Whiterock, how many levels and sub-levels does the eponymous Castle Whiterock have? Hint: You need to give the correct number of levels and the correct number of sub-levels to get it right!

> 15 levels, and 14 sub levels

What was the real name of the Witch Queen?

> Kyleth

Which early DCC module was directly inspired by Keep on the Borderlands? Hint: Keep on the Borderlands has inspired a lot of things and surely had an influence on more than one early DCC module. But when you look at the cover art of the module in question, you’ll know it’s the one we mean.

> DCC #28 Into the Wilds. Just like Keep on the Borderlands, Into the Wilds has a cover by Jim Roslof. Mentally flip the images horizontally and you’ll see they have very similar layouts: archer on far edge, warrior with sword & shield adjacent, etc.

Which early DCC adventure was inspired by The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh?

> DCC #7: The Secret of Smuggler’s Cove

Which early DCC adventure came packaged with an audio CD featuring atmospheric music tracks to be played while running the adventure?

> DCC #34: Cage of Delirium

Ready for a tough one? Name the three DCC adventures that have appeared in periodicals, not as stand-alone modules. Two were in Knights of the Dinner Table, and a third was in . . . another magazine which we won’t name, because if we do, we will give this away! Name the three adventures, and the magazine issues they appeared in.

> “The Deep Ruin” from Knights of the Dinner Table #117, “Blackstone’s Maze” from Knights of the Dinner Table #117, and “My Friend the Formian” from EN World Player’s Journal #4

While we’re on the subject of Knights of the Dinner Table . . . Which issue of Knights of the Dinner Table featured a strip with the Goodman Games logo plastered on the front window of Weird Pete’s shop?

> Knights of the Dinner Table #67, in the strip “Calling in a Favor.”

And which issue of Knights of the Dinner Table featured a photograph of Joseph Goodman and the original sculpture of our dinosaur mascot at the GAMA Trade Show?

> Knights of the Dinner Table #68, in the Kenzerco Convention Report

What is the name and species of our dinosaur mascot? Hint: It’s not Gladyss, Agnes, or Theresa.

> Rhonda the triceratops!

Long before Goodman Games ever published a Lankhmar adventure, Doug Kovacs was sneaking in homages into the art. Which DCC adventure featured an interior illustration of a faux Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser fighting an aboleth? Hint: This was well before the DCC RPG era.

> DCC #60, Thrones of Punjar

Which DCC author appears as a hill giant in an illustration in DCC #83: The Chained Coffin? Hint: If you have the 1st printing of Chained Coffin (the boxed set), it is the image on page 3 of the main module. If you have the 2nd printing (the hardcover), it is the same image on page 123. 

> Terry Olson as Ohlsonovik Bigginty

Page 430 of the DCC RPG Core Rulebook contains an illustration of three trolls. From left to right, to which three real-life “friends of Joseph” do these illustrations correspond?

> Davis and Stephen Chenault, and Aldo Ghiozzi

Knockmort was an evil specimen of what kind of creature?

> An evil Treant.

To which Drow house did Chalychia belong?

> Forlorna

What was the name of the Dragonfiend? 

> Blackspine (the pseudo-dragon)

Which DCC module was the first one to feature back cover art by Doug Kovacs?

> DCC#33: Belly of the Great Beast

What is the true name of The Lady in Blue?

> Raxahrrah — bonus points if you pointed out she’s merely posing as the (destroyed) Lady in Blue.

The Gannu clan was a family of which kind of creature?

> Wererats

The Stormbringers were a family of what kind of creature?

> Storm Giants

Which early DCC adventure was inspired by Expedition to the Barrier Peaks? Hint: many DCC modules were inspired by any number of classic TSR modules. And, there are at least two that feature prominent allusions to Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. They key word here is “early DCC adventure – we’re looking at the pre-DCC RPG era.

> DCC#36: Talons of the Horned King

What is the real name of the Sphinx Queen? How about her daughter’s name?

> Ankharet the Blessed and her daughter, Meraph

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