The Rarest of the DCC Rares

Wow, we can’t believe how huge the Kickstarter Campaign for DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos turned out to be! What’s maybe even harder to believe is that we’ve hit 100 DCC modules in the first place!

Of course — and here’s all the proof you need that time really does fly when you’re having fun — there have actually been more than 100 modules in the Dungeon Crawl Classics line when you add in all the ‘point fives.’ In fact, if you’re feeling up to counting them you can find most (but not all!) of our DCC modules in electronic form on our online store’s DCC Modules in PDF page.

Now, as you know, there are always those rarities, oddities, and obscure mysteries that seem to slip through the cracks of history to become the stuff of legend. These rarest of the DCC rares haven’t been digitized, mostly because their ancient papyri digital files are on hard disks filed away in deep storage, and we only have the hard copies. These super rares are things like convention modules from the early days of Goodman Games that had very limited distribution, or those few DCC modules published in external periodicals.

For die hard collectors — these rarest of the DCC rares are for you: Happy Hunting!

DCC #3.5 The Haunted Lighthouse by Dave Arneson

Yes, the Dave Arneson. This convention special for Gen Con 2003 is d20/OGL compatible, but with the old school, back to basics aesthetic that has been the core of the Dungeon Crawl Classics experience since day one. Collectors take note: Mr. Arneson signed many copies of these at the convention!

A terrible storm forces the players to take refuge in a lighthouse that warns travelers of a nearby moor. But what appears at first glance to be a safe haven is in fact a trap set by the malevolent ghost of a long-dead troll. Can the players find and slay the ghost troll? Or will they be trapped forever in the haunted lighthouse?

DCC #20.5 The Mask of Death by Jason Little

Another Gen Con (2005) module, The Mask of Death is actually something of a movie tie-in! Presenting a hilarious episode in the chronicles of the party from The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, this was another of the limited run, d20/OGL Gen Con modules we produced in the early days!

The King needs the heroes’ help! The vile necromancer Mort Kemnon has uncovered the Mask of Death, an artifact of unspeakable evil. He plans to summon an army of undead to attack the King while the divine powers of the realm are weak. Can the heroes recover the Mask of Death and put a stop to Mort Kemnon’s evil plans once and for all?

“Deep Ruin” — Knights of the Dinner Table #117

The first of two adventures to be featured in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, “Deep Ruin” is an introductory DCC adventure for four to six first level players.

Knights of the Dinner Table #117 is available in PDF from Kenzer and Co.

“Blackstone’s Maze” from Knights of the Dinner Table #126

“Blackstone’s Maze” from Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine #126 is an adventure for four to six first or second level characters.

Knights of the Dinner Table #126 is available in PDF from Kenzer and Co.

DCC #4.5 “My Friend the Formian” by Joseph Goodman from EN World Player’s Journal #4

“My Friend the Formian “is a short adventure designed for 4 characters of 5th level. The party should include at least two strong fighter types. I wrote this as an interlude on a night when our regular 5th player couldn’t make it to the game. The whole adventure can be played in little over an hour. It’s really a one trick pony with an interesting gimmick that adds a twist to interaction with formians. That said, it is a fun one-trick pony that changes the way the characters approach the situation (and forces them to fight out of a dungeon rather than in, for a change.)”

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