Count Down the Final Hour with DCC #100 Kickstarter Countdown Show Tonight!

Tonight on Twitch we count down the final hour for the Kickstarter supporting the biggest module ever for DCC RPG!

Host Joseph Goodman is joined by some of the creative team behind the development of this amazing adventure to talk you through the final hour and get you to the finish line for DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos Kickstarter!

Join our Dark Master as he takes you through all of the last-minute details on this fantastic Kickstarter and everything it has to offer. The team will also show off the adventure, including the spinning wheel puzzle and how it affects the module and everyone in it.

You’ve never seen an adventure like this one before—and probably never will again!

So tune in to the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST for this special show during the final hour of the Kickstarter for DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos!

Author: pandabrett

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