Roadworthy: Jacob Harkins

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He’s got the nickname “Slayer of Men”, but that doesn’t keep him from being popular up in the Wisconsin region. Let’s meet Judge Jacob Harkins!

Roadworthy: Jacob ‘Slayer of Men’ Harkins

What’s your name, where do you live (and game), and what should Goodman Games fans know about you?

I am Jacob ‘Slayer of Men’ Harkins, and I discovered DCC a long time ago on a Free RPG Day.

I judge at some college campuses (Lawrence in Appleton, WI) UWGB and in the Game of Dragons room at the Escape Room Wisconsin Green Bay location. I have a steady amount of players for D&D 5e and have thrown Star Trek and Kids on Bikes at them along with a sizable amount of DCC, MCC, and Umerican Survival Guide. I’ve also played at numerous tables run by such Judges as Bob Brinkman, Chris ‘Tanglebones’ Lauricella, Jeff Goad, and Brendan LaSalle—along with the Father/Daughter duo Skatch. 

I set up pick-up tables in the conference rooms at the downtown library in Green Bay every other Sunday and typically play with whomever I can find, gifting Zocchi sets out to the survivor of funnel games. I’ll also play through ‘Legends are made not born’ using Richard Bloch’s Dungeon of the Mad-Archmage as it goes on forever and is full of flavor. I also have delved Michael Curtis’ Stonehell, having played Labyrinth Lord before playing DCC. I am actively playing Redbook Fantasy from Paige Oliver and Anomalous Subsurface Environment

How did the quarantine/lockdown change your gaming life?

The pandemic has made RP’ing different and sometimes hard. Many tools ended up being employed which I had little or no experience with, such as using spreadsheets and map coordinates similar to chess moves before adopting Virtual table-top formats.

Many DCC judges have offered adventures, modules, and atmosphere and immersion aides. I never stopped playing at the table, but I would separate the players by spacing at the table, as well as allowing players a minute to move miniatures individually on their round. Pacing can become an issue if not adjusted.

What are some of your favorite gaming highlights?

I am a big fan of using props and masks to represent NPC’s. I use a horned Greek mask for judging Tomb of Horrors as a funnel presented by Chris Lauricella. A green witch mask for goblins or the orange Oni mask for hobgoblins. I have several props for the alter dressing for Arwich Grinder and stone tablets I had made for the Shifting Sands adventure. 

I am a BIG fan of Kustom Kulture and sport a DCC battle jacket, loaded with patches, and I’m always adding more. I even get it signed by DCC Personalities. I had renowned artist Doug Kovacs customize a pair of white leather Cat’s. I am proud of the many ‘Death’ pins I earned over the course of several games, and of being the very first loser of the strength contest ‘Mighty Deeds’. (The Judge’s guild book is no joke!)

I look forward to meeting you and wish you luck winning a set of GS funky dice off me at a future game. 

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