When We Were Young: Chris Doyle

Harken back to the days of yore when a bag of polyhedrals was a purse of jewels, graph paper had nothing to do with math class, and character record sheets were filled out with more care than a W-2. Yes, the good old days, a time when many of us found our lifelong passion for gaming . . . When We Were Young.

Observe, many editions ago the young Chris Doyle in his natural habitat. His companions are equipped for hard adventuring — wooden chairbacks maintain their alertness, a full two liters of restorative elixir has been generously distributed in the distinctive drinking horns of the era, and the delectably cheesy waybread of orange iron ration puffs buoys their stamina for the hard dungeoneering ahead. The year was 1986, and Huey Lewis wasn’t the only thing in the News — for teeming swarms of goblins had overrun once peaceful outlying lands, vile bugbears, jellies, kobolds, and skeletons infested the catacombs beneath town, and dark rumors of a Temple of Evil so Elemental that few could survive its terrors filled every heart with dread. Had no one the courage to confront these perils?

As the old saying goes, a Dungeon Master is born, but a Director of Product Development for Goodman Games Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons product line is made over many a long, hard adventure at the rec room table. And don’t let the jaunty angle of those DM screens fool you, Chris was down for some serious crawlin’ from day one. With decades of old school gaming under his belt and 30+ years of freelancing in the industry, Chris wasn’t just having fun — he was leveling up! Author of many titles in the Goodman Games 5E lineup, as well as design lead for four of the six Original Adventures Reincarnated line, Chris was naturally the right Dungeon Master for the job of bringing old school D&D into the new school future. You can catch Chris and his co-host Rick Maffei sharing their expertise in all things classic D&D on Talking TSR — just remember to stock up on the cheese puffs before you do. 

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