The Incomparable Interior Art of Tales From the Magician’s Skull

Tales From the Magician’s Skull can’t help but get noticed for its powerful cover art, whether you’re just giving its back issues a quick look in the online store, marveling at some of its upcoming wonders, or insta-pledging your support for the current Kickstarter at the sight of Didier Normand’s barbarian versus dragon cover for the KS-exclusive special issue, TFTMS has a way of reaching out and touching the adventurous heart of all who behold it. But, our peerless magazine also features an absolute old-school symphony of black-and-white interior art — a perfect pairing alongside stories at the vanguard of the sword-and-sorcery renaissance.

Below is a small sampling of the full-page interior art from Tales From the Magician’s Skull’s first six issues — just be sure to remember to pick up your jaw after viewing.

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