DCC RPG at Gen Con 2021

Gen Con 2021 has come and gone, and we are sad to have seen a second year without Goodman Games in attendance. Still, we are thrilled that there was a definitely DCC RPG—and MCC RPG and third-party releases and much more—that made the scene in Indy!

Our own new Customer Service and Conventions Manager, Jen Brinkman, was in attendance and sent back regular reports to keep us all in the loop during the show.

The Road Crew was well represented and had tables that were running games throughout the con. And even with the social distancing and mask mandates, people were thrilled to be sharing in-person gaming once again. (And there was even an appearance by Doug Kovacs in an after-con dinner with Jen and her husband, Bob!)

We cannot wait to be back in Indy and sharing this special event with all of our fans. Here’s hoping that 2022 brings us all back together at our favorite convention, where we can roll some dice, meet some friends, bang a gong, and build lasting memories between us all.

Meanwhile, both Jen and Ed Stanek (the man behind Pax Lexque) sent us photos to share. So…let’s look at some photos!

Author: pandabrett

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