Free PDF For Prior Print Purchases

Did you know that almost everything in the Goodman Games online store is a print + PDF release? Sure, there are a few exceptions due to licensing restrictions, but the vast majority of books come with a PDF when you purchase a print version of the release. It’s a policy that we’ve had in place for over a year now.

But we don’t want people who bought product from us before that time feeling left out, either.

So, we are giving customers up to twenty free PDFs to go along with the physical products that have been purchased from us in the past.

That’s right: FREE! And it’s very easy to claim them.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We will provide free PDFs for up to 20 print items previously purchased from Goodman Games.
  • Email us at with (a) a photo of you and the books in question, (b) a list of the titles, and (c) the email address of your account on the GG online store.
  • You must already have a Goodman Games account with our online store—but you can set one up minutes before you email us and still qualify. Click here to set up an account if you don’t already have one.
  • The product has to currently be available as a PDF on our site.
  • We will link up the PDF product to your Goodman Games account, available through the downloads section. Please allow up to two weeks to get that done as we expect many responses.
  • Boom! Bob’s your uncle! You’re done.

Couldn’t be easier. And that’s exactly how we want it. So grab some books and your camera and get to clicking those selfies! You’ll have some PDF product in your download section very soon!

Author: pandabrett

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