DCC Dying Earth Trivia Show Airs Tonight on Twitch

It’s ‘Talk like Jack Vance Week’ all this week at Goodman Games in honor of DCC Dying Earth! As our kickstarter enters its final week we’re kicking things into linguistic overdrive with a week-long celebration of the stylishly unique language of Jack Vance.

A challenge is brought forth to test your knowledge of those things arcane and wondrous. Every circumstance shall be scrutinized until a true prizeman arises on display. This very eve we discover the candor of your reason in regard to one Jack Vance and his chrestomathy.

Join us at 8:00 p.m. EST to journey through the many expostulations on those items listed below, as well as some that, at this time, remain unrevealed.

8:00 p.m. EST, Thursday, July 15

Dying Earth Trivia Show

Hosts: Marc Brunner and Jim Skatch

Who is suzerain of Kaiin the White City? What differs in comparison between the vat-sisters T’sais and T’sain? Can you describe with exactness the particular characteristics of the gid, the erb, and the visp? Where does Ildefonse shamelessly conceal his IOUN stones?

End all perplexity and test your mastery of the trivia of Jack Vance’s Dying Earth in this interactive live show.

Author: pandabrett

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