Support Reaver Con This Weekend!

Are you wanting to roll some dice and help out a great cause? Perfect, because Reaver Con is this weekend!

Reaver Con is an online convention created and run by our own Road Crew Reavers, who are putting it together to benefit Jasper’s Game Day, the non-profit charity to help identify and prevent suicide.

The convention will be three days of DCC RPG, MCC RPG, Xcrawl Classics, and more. And Reaver Con will be using the DCC Legacy rules, so your characters can expand and grow through the show—and beyond!

Goodman Games is not directly involved with Reaver Con, but it is an awesome event run by dedicated fans, so we wanted to let everyone know about it.

So head on over to their TableTop Events page and get all of the details! Let’s get together to have some fun and help some folks in need.

Author: pandabrett

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