Dealer and Artist Registration Open For Dungeon Con Online!

If you visited Spawn of Cyclops Con, you saw the tech that we’re using to create an experience that all but simulates the in-person experience. And we’re thrilled to tell you that Dungeon Con Online is offering the same style dealer’s hall and artist’s alley! It’s a virtual map with avatars wandering through it and interacting with the people and booths that are near you. It has to be experienced to believe!

And if you are looking to be a part of it, applications are now open for the dealer’s hall and artist’s alley!

The convention is not centered around the Goodman Games 5E publications – all publishers are welcome! This convention is open to all game systems, but the focus will be D&D.

Interested parties need to fill out the application form and we’ll take things from there.

If you have any additional questions, contact us at!

Author: pandabrett

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