When We Were Young: Michael Curtis

Harken back to the days of yore when a bag of polyhedrals was a purse of jewels, graph paper had nothing to do with math class, and character record sheets were filled out with more care than a W-2. Yes, the good old days, a time when many of us found our lifelong passion for gaming.

Here we see a young journeyman before he became a master: Michael Curtis. Michael is a prolific author and game designer, and you’ll see his name all over the Goodman Games lineup; everywhere from the core DCC rulebook itself to his module The Chained Coffin to his work on our DCC Lankhmar’s line. Of course, Michael’s old school cred made him a natural fit for the Original Adventures Reincarnated series, helming the recent Castle Amber conversion, as well as the conversion of the classic Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

Here he is (on the left) in 1982 playing Star Frontiers with his family and flexing some of those early game designer muscles. He’s no doubt just exchanged some gyrojet pistol fire with a group of suspicious looking Vrusk (is there any other kind?) outside of the Dralasite snack bar before splashing some credits on a shiny new hovercycle. What happens in Port Loren, stays in Port Loren…

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