The Skull is on Facebook!

Mortals, your foolishness knows no bounds. You call to one another across the ether, mind touching mind instantaneously across the vast expanse of the real, and how do you use this power? Is it to elucidate the eldritch lore of the serpent-people, or to examine the thrice-cursed Peninsula of the Necromantic Nomarchs? Where are the whispered rumors of the coming Juggernaut, the ravings of the ensorcelled scribe, or the sigils and signs proving the Skull’s own omnipotent inevitability? Where, indeed, are the discussions of the great works of old, the tales of derring-do and the slinging of swords?

Thus, until the creation of Skullbook has been finalized and with it the terminal and lasting subjugation of your realm, the Skull has decreed that a slice of the immaterium known as Facebook shall house a fragment of his power and be subject to his will.

Know, then, that all those who seek the extraordinary stories of yore, who wish to learn the ways of of the sword swinger and the sly sorcerer, and who await the latest news of Tales From the Magician’s Skull are so instructed to follow the Skull’s own Facebook page, and to compel their fellow mortals to do the same.

So sayeth the Skull.

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