Terror of the Stratosfiend #3: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

They say the third time is the charm, but the first two were already great. Terror of the Stratosfiend is back for another ZineQuest and a third issue!

Sean Richer’s wild tentacle and sorcery zine is back with an all-new issue as a part of this year’s ZineQuest. Like the previous two installments, Terror of the Stratosfiend #3 will bring you all kinds of newness, including new classes, new spells, new occupations, new deeds, and a whole lot more!

Here’s some details from the Kickstarter page:

Portals and warp gates have been opening all over the earth, giant aliens have been pouring out, and Bat Gods are rampaging. Players will quickly find out that some of their own have been aliens the whole time, and that humans from distant stars have also shown up to help quell the madness. The works as an add-on to any DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) session the Judge and players would be running; adding a splash of tentacles. It’s also being built to be a standalone setting where tentacles and sorcery would be the focus.

This issue focuses on the arrival of the Weapons Satellite turned Demon Bat God, Sky-Lasher the Everlasting, Trident of the sun. The orbital weapons platforms are mid bombardment and humanity has taken to the skies to persist. Flight is a big component of this book, but so are the mysterious drop-engines and the demons they summon.

The campaign is already funded, and they are about halfway through their stretch goals. Head on over to their Kickstarter page and let’s make ALL of them a reality!

Be sure to check out the DCC ZineQuest3 Kickstarters page to see all of the DCC/MCC campaigns for this year’s ZineQuest.

Author: pandabrett

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