Zine 3 Pack of Futuristic Post-Apocalypse and Fantasy: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

This is not a Kickstarter for a DCC zine. This Kickstarter covers THREE DCC zines at once!

The folks from Psychoda Press have joined forces with the people at Horse Shark to create a trio of zines for DCC RPG that are a part of ZineQuest 3 on Kickstarter.

Here are the three zines you can choose from as a part of this campaign:

Unveiled Elisions

A collaboration RPG zine featuring articles from ENnie award winning Donn Stroud and no award winning James A. Pozenel, Jr.

Scions of the Computarchs

A limited series from Horse Shark Games. Each issue of Scions of the Computarchs features a new patron AI suitable for use in your DCC & MCC RPG sci-fi campaigns. Two other patron AIs are planned for 2021. Issue #1 is a limited edition print, special only to this Kickstarter.

25 Ghosts, Spirits, and Hauntings

A series of “advent” ghost blog entries turned into a zine with art (hopefully a lot of art!). These are statted up for Old-School Essentials right now, and we will also be including DCC RPG stats. 

Head on over to Kickstarter to become a part of this triumvirate of zines for DCC RPG. And be sure to check out all of the DCC ZineQuest3 Kickstarters over on the page we’ve put together for them.

Author: pandabrett

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