Meet The Greatest Thieves In Lankhmar From DCC Days Online!

At DCC Days Online this past weekend hundreds of games were run by fans and by Goodman Games personalities, and perhaps the biggest of these games was the first-ever online version of The DCC Team Tournament!

A new round of The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar tournament was run, and we are proud to give you the outcome!

These are the final results of our Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar tournament—or, to say it differently, these gamers are the greatest thieves in Lankhmar! Congratulations to Gary D. McBride, Kris Vezner, Steven Danielson, Geoff Knox, and Keith Haddad, also known as Team Puttin’ on the Fritz. They finished first in every round—including the final one, which is the one that really counts! Congratulations!

Here are the final round scores:

  • Team Puttin’ on the Fritz, 38 points, Judge Marc (Gary D McBride, Kris Vezner, Steven Danielson, Geoff Knox, Keith Haddad)
  • Team Rat Finks, -31 points, Judge Harley (Michael Nusbaum, Frank Alonso, Tim Spahr, Ozz Barta)

Thanks to all the players and judges for some great games! All tournament participants will be receiving a patch to signify their participation—either bronze, silver, or gold depending on how far you made it.

And thanks again to all the people who helped make DCC Days Online a huge success!

Author: pandabrett

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