Announcing Cyclops Con!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Virtual Gary Con! We hope you’ve been diving into the world of online gaming as much as we have! We hope your social isolation has been fruitful! And we hope you are as excited as we are to hear that, in light of all of this, we are pleased to announce…


Cyclops Con is the first convention ever run by Goodman Games. Cyclops Con will happen April 17-19. It’s entirely online, so everybody in the world can participate! The event will support all Goodman Games product lines: DCC, DCC Lankhmar, and MCC, plus our licensed products like Metamorphosis Alpha and 5E

We want YOU to participate! This is your chance to game with the Goodman Gang! It’s your chance to hear us talk about the latest projects we’re working on! But most importantly, it’s your chance to GAME! We are looking for judges to list their events – and players to play in those events!

More details will be posted soon. For now, please start thinking about what games YOU will play and run during – Cyclops Con!

Author: jmcdevitt

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