Visit Us At PAX East and Gamicon!

The Goodman presence continues to expand, this time hitting cons both large and small!

If you are in or around Iowa, you might want to make the trip over to Cedar Rapids to join us at Gamicon Copper! Dieter Zimmerman will be on hand to man the booth, and it will have everything you’ve wanted from Goodman. DCC Core Book and modules? Yep. DCC Lankhmar? Yep. Mutant Crawl Classics? Yep. Original Adventures Reincarnated? We’ll have that, too. It will be a wealth of goods and goodies that you can only find at a show.

And up in Boston, MA, we’ll be showing the folks at PAX East that gaming is more than just something on a video screen. Jim Loves Games will be on hand to represent Goodman Games and our role-playing iteration of gaming. So come out amidst the chaos of the exhibit hall to find some dice-rolling fun at the Jim Loves Games booth!

So, whether you are in the midwest or the northeast, we’ll have a convention appearance that is near you! Come out this weekend to meet us at the show nearest you!

WHAT: Gamicon Copper
WHEN: Feb 28 – Mar 1
WHERE: Cedar Rapids, IA

WHEN: Feb 27 – Mar 1
WHERE: Boston, MA

Author: pandabrett

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