Last Chance to Back MCC Kickstarter Bane of the Ancients!

Office work getting you down? Well, remember, it could always be worse. Like it is in the new Bane of the Ancients adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics!

Bane of the Ancients is a 0- or 1st-level Mutant Crawl Classics-compatible roleplaying adventure module inspired by zombie horror movies…and the horrors of office life.

Talk around the water cooler? Turn that into a monster that IS the water cooler. Or, as they phrase it in the Kickstarter: “Players’ hearts will race as they discover an ancient water shrine sitting upon a three-foot-tall pedestal. One can almost imagine the Ancients gathering around this mystic vessel to share stories with one another and drink from its holy spigot…”

If you want to discover all of the magic that awaits these Seekers as they fight to discover the Bane itself, then you will want to get on board with this Kickstarter from Gaming Honors. And you have less than a week to act!

They’ve already hit their first stretch goal, and at the time of this writing are within striking distance of the second! So show some love for these brave heroes that must deal with the tireless paperwork and tedium they must endure to save their village. Not to mention the monsters. There are monsters, too.

Head on over and show this MCC Kickstarter some love! It’s what your boss was always hoping you’d achieve…

Author: pandabrett

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