Visit Us At Save Against Fear!

Come out and visit us this weekend, October 11-13, at Save Against Fear at the Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This wonderful convention combines both tabletop gaming and love for the community.

As their website says:

For three days a year, The Bodhana Group combines the love for tabletop with the love for our community by showcasing all of the benefits gaming can accomplish. Celebrating the games, the people, and the opportunities to learn how to bring your own character to life, play with us and game for good at the 9th annual Save Against Fear!

The Bodhana Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates the use of tabletop gaming as a directed therapeutic and clinical practice that can benefit personal growth as well as enhance social and educational services to individuals and families.

Come out and visit Goodman Games at Booth #9 & 11, and Judge Brendan LaSalle as he runs events all weekend! You never know what he has cooked up for his players. Will you survive? Or will it be an infamous TPK? Sign-up, roll some dice, and hope to survive!

At the booth, we’ll have The Chained Coffin hardbacks, DCC Lankhmar, the latest Mutant Crawl Classics adventure, Tales of the Magician’s Skull No. 3, the deluxe version of Sailors on the Starless Sea, the last few copies of The Inn at Five Points, some of our latest t-shirts, and much. much more!

Now that Fall has started, come and get all your gaming needs to tie you over for the winter!

WHAT: Save Against Fear
WHEN: October 11-13
WHERE: The Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Author: jmcdevitt

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