The Names On The Doom Gong

The Gong of Doom has quickly become an icon for the Goodman Games crowd. It’s echoing sound ringing through the hallways as a harbinger of another fallen comrade during the Team Tournament. It’s both wonderful and ominous at the same time.

It has another purpose, too.

On the columns of the Gong, we’ve added plaques to commemorate the winners of the Team Tournament, both at Gen Con and, as of this year, Origins as well.

Next year, the winners of this year’s Team TournamentThe Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar—will join the ranks of the hallowed. The winners that have been immortalized on The Gong of Doom.

Here, with pride, we present the current names memorialized on The Gong of Doom!

Gen Con 2017

  • Jason Stierle
  • Emily Mundy

Gen Con 2018

  • Jack Bruinicki
  • Martin Bruinicki
  • Will Bruinicki
  • Hayden Hodge
  • Lance Hodge
  • Rob Swanson

Origins Game Fair 2019

  • Nema Bezak
  • Tom Ginter
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Matt Snodgrass
  • Ivan Thomas

Congratulations to all the winners! And we can’t wait to see next year’s champions join the previous winners with a plaque of their own!

Author: pandabrett

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