Visit us at Dragonflight Seattle!

Okay, hear us out.

You’re in (or near) Seattle. You’ve caught your fresh fish at Pike’s Place Market, worked the manual elevator in Smith Tower, somehow miraculously found yourself a coffee, and thoroughly threaded the Space Needle—but what now?

Now you head over to Bellevue (just a hop, skip, and a quick app-summoned ride from downtown Seattle) and join us at The Bellevue Hilton for Dragonflight 40, August 16-18, 2019!

Goodman Games will have a booth in the Vendors Room, ready to show off all the newest modules and items we can pack into it, plus all the classics in print! Hunting down a copy of Peril on the Purple Planet boxed set? Get ’em in the wild here while they last, along with your convention exclusive DCC RPG rulebook and the convention exclusive adventure module, The Inn at Five Points!

And all of this in the hamlet of Seattle, WA! We’ll see you at Dragonflight 40 this weekend!

WHAT: Dragonflight 40
August 16-18
WHERE: The Bellevue Hilton – Bellevue, WA

Author: pandabrett

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