Recap of Free RPG Day

This past Saturday was the 13th annual Free RPG Day, and we are thrilled with the results. Stores worldwide were able to participate in the event, which included our own new edition of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules.

If you weren’t able to grab a copy of the new printing of the Quick Start Rules, the good news is that the latest printing will become available through our online store tomorrow! So if you were hoping to find a copy with Geas of the Star-Chrons, check back on Wednesday!

Goodman Games is one of the originators of Free RPG Day, so it holds a place that is near and dear to our heart—and we want to know how it was for all of you. We want you to share your stories and pics with us! Tell us about the store where you participated. Show us all the folks who attended your event. Email us your own recap of Free RPG Day, and we’ll include the best responses in an upcoming update. We want to see how the day went for Goodman fans everywhere!

A huge thanks goes out to all the organizers, retailers, volunteers, Road Crew members, and especially the fans who helped to make this year’s event a success. Free RPG Day 2020 is just over 360 days away, and we’re already excited!

Author: pandabrett

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