Plan Your Goodman Games Origins Events!

Do you like going to that big gaming convention right there in the mid-west? No, not the one in Indiana, the other one, right next door in Ohio!

Origins Game Fair 2019 is coming to Columbus, OH from June 12 – 16, and Goodman Games will be there in force! This is going to be our biggest Origins ever, and we want you to start planning now.

This year Origins will be hosting their first-ever DCC Open Tournament! And if you missed out on playing in Riders on the Phlogiston at Gen Con last year, now is your chance to get in on the action. We’ll have a full team of folks there running the tourney, and we want you to play.

You can download a full Goodman Games Official Origins Game Fair 2019 Event Grid right here! It’s got all of the times and events laid out for you so that you can plan accordingly and get signed up.

Speaking of which, event registration for Origins opens up on May 4th, so you’ll be able to sign up for the tournaments well ahead of time and plan your con out now!

June will be here before you know it! Get in on the inaugural Origins DCC Open Tournament—plus a whole slew of other Goodman Games events—by signing up on May 4th!

So, download your Goodman Games Official Origins Game Fair 2019 Event Grid today! We’ll see you at Origins Game Fair 2019 this June!

Author: pandabrett

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