Gamestorm Recap!

Goodman Games dropped on the City of Roses, Portland, OR, like a ton of rule books (or 1400+ lbs of Goodman Games gaming goodness, to be exact) on GameStorm 21!

Many folks were finding us for the very first time, and long-time fans were able to drop by the booth and pick up some convention exclusives. A resolute crew of rice farmers, astrologers, and dwarven miners (the usual gang of gongfarmers) sought treasure that would change their lives forever off the coast of P-Town (that’s Portland, again) in the Tower of the Black Pearl before it crumbled into the sea thanks to their innovative meddling. One mighty Warrior made their Deed “bullet time”—which might not have helped them slay the Hound of Hirot, but certainly helped them slay the Hound of Hirot IN STYLE.

We want to send out a huge thank you to all the fans, organizers, and staff who put the show together and welcomed us into their home town. Gamestorm was a tempest of fun, and we were proud to be a part of it. And we were proud to bring the Goodman style to the show! Stumptown (still Portland) may never be the same again!


Author: pandabrett

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