GAMA Trade Show 2019 Recap!

Thank you, Reno!

The 2019 GAMA Trade Show was this past week, and the crew from Goodman Games was on hand for all the festivities. We met hundreds of retailers from across the globe, all of them excited about our current and upcoming releases. We made plenty of new friends, and got to see a bevy of those we’ve already made over the years. Conventions allow us to connect with gamers. Trade shows allow us to connect with an indispensable part of the gaming community, the Friendly Local Game Stores that are the backbone of our community.

The GAMA Trade Show is the largest industry show in the United States, and it is always a joy to attend. We want to thank all of the attendees—both retailers and distributors—for stopping by our booth and demos, and of course a huge thanks to the folks from GAMA for putting on what is always an outstanding show. 

Now let’s look at some pics from the event!

Author: pandabrett

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