Gary Con 2019 Recap!

Every spring the tribe gathers at Lake Geneva to honor the memory of one of our great founding ancestors, surrounded by so many of his peers and cohorts. GaryCon 2019 was wonderful: heartwarming, hilarious, exhausting, unforgettable fun. It’s always great to hang out with the “Founding Fathers of Role-Playing” at ground zero for the origin of our hobby.

The number of events and games that populate the con are always impressive, and 2019 was filled with an amazing amount of folks running Goodman games throughout the show. The number of fans that show up to support us is humbling, and we thank each and every one of you for making the event special.

We also debuted a number of releases at this show, to the delight and joy of everyone who stopped by our booth. We had a great response to our new t-shirts and the new releases at the con, including the “secret” DCC Egyptian Lich Cover. The raffle event on Sunday brought a lot of fun with a lot of unique DCC memorabilia going to deserving fans.

And then at the What’s New With Goodman Games seminar, our Dark Master dropped some jaws with news and revelations of things to come—most of which we’ve covered over the past few days. We want to extend a special thanks to Jim Kitchen for his generous gesture and Bob Brinkman for writing a module worthy of receiving it. If you are looking for the video from that seminar, don’t fret—it’s coming soon.

Oh, and let’s not forget one other thing: Meat Planet! Many lucky fans got to see the first issue of the Hobonomicon and the latest installment in Doug Kovac’s evolving game world. 

Goodman Games is proud to be a part of this great event. Our sincere thanks to Luke Gygax and all of the organizers, designers, artists, and fans, who came together for four days of spectacular gaming. We look forward to seeing you at GaryCon 2020!

“I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else.”
-Gary Gygax 1938 – 2008. 

Author: pandabrett

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