Gen Con 2018: DCC Team Tournament Starts Tomorrow!

This is it. It all starts TOMORROW!

It is the eve of Gen Con 2018, and that means theĀ DCC Team Tournament begins tomorrow morning!

If you are taking part in the tournament, make sure that you have downloaded and read the player pack so that you are prepped for the game. (And you can read the full details at our previous post on the topic.)

And you really need to check out the Goodman Games game room to see the latest on the Gong of Doom. We’ve added a little special something to the gong. Check out the pic below.


That plaque represents the winners of last year’s tourney, and we plan on adding a new one every year to commemorate the latest victors! So, every winning team going forward is getting a plaque of their own!

The battle begins tomorrow! The Riders of the Phlogiston await!

We’ll see you in Indy!


Author: pandabrett

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