Gen Con 2018: New Releases, Round Five

Round five is all about our friends! We’ve got some amazing friends, you know.

Gen Con 2018 will see the debut of a pair of items from two of our publishing partners, who are releasing new third-party MCC and DCC products. And you’ll be able to find both of them at the Goodman Games booth, so make sure you stop by!

Check out the new releases below!

Meanderings Across The Radlands #1

This digest sized zine features 22 pages of material.

Meanderings Across the Radlands #1 introduces a series of articles which can be used to bring the setting more in line with a near post-apocalyptic event. Within are 30 paper minis which encapsulate the pre-gen characters from the Museum at the End of Time free RPG Day adventure, as well as some telepathic rats.

It also introduces the first alternate manimal class, the Buggeyman, an intimidating giant insecta. The Vault of the Ancients section introduces some new items for Seekers to stumble upon.

Meanderings Across the Radlands is published by Epic Meanderings, and retails for $6.00

Written by: R.S.Tilton
Art by: R.S.Tilton, Mario  Torres, Morgan Tilton, Sarah Holt, and Ian Tilton

Shade Hunter: A 2nd Level Adventure for Nowhere City Nights

Shade Hunter is a Blade Runner-inspired adventure that throws your 2nd level Nowhere City Nights PCs into the investigation of a spate of violent crimes with an odd twist: eyewitnesses swear that the perpetrators of the crimes could be the identical twins of their victims!

Someone, or something, is behind it all—but this is Nowhere City, so the list of possible suspects is endless. The city has so many corrupt politicians, greedy corporations, and crooked cops that it’s rotted through. And operating in secret, behind it all, are the sorcerer cults that control the rest of the scum as if they were pawns on a chessboard. Do your PCs have the guns and the guts to get to the bottom of things? Secret truths about the world of Nowhere City Nights await adventurers with the grit to drag these secrets out of the shadows!

Shade Hunter is chock-full of 44-pages of pulp action! It contains a 30-page adventure, a new Private Detective class, new rules for Investigation Skills, and a new Nowhere City Nights Patron.

Shade Hunter was written by DCC veteran writer Steve Bean and co-published with storied DCC third party publisher Order of the Quill press. I carries a retail price of $10.00

Written by: Steve Bean
Art Direction by: Steve Bean

Oh, and there is another popular item that will show up at Gen Con 2018, too. Something called The Gongfarmer’s Almanac. It’s a free item, but you have to stop by the Goodman Games booth each day of the show and ASK for a copy. That’s the only way you’re going to get one. And it is a different one each day of the show, too.

Gen Con is almost here! There can’t be much more for us to announce, can there?

Why don’t you check back tomorrow to find out.

Author: pandabrett

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