More Gen Con Events!


You just can’t get enough of us. That’s okay, because we can’t get enough of you folks, either.

For Gen Con 2018 Goodman Games offered more DCC events than ever—and it wasn’t enough. (Check out our previous update with the now slightly-out-of-date Event Grid here!) All of our events sold out in record time, and the fine organizers at Gen Con asked us if we’d be willing to add some more events. Some brave judges thought this was a grand idea, signed up to run some additional events, and once more we are able to tell you that you might be able to score a spot at a DCC table at Gen Con 2018!

We’ll be posting an updated Event Grid soon, but for now visit the Gen Con Events page and search for open Dungeon Crawl Classics events to find one!

Here’s the list of new events that have been added:

  • People of the Pit with judge Tim Loughrist
  • The Baneful Gates with judge Gary Fortuin
  • Oracle of the Pit with judge Dustin Clark
  • Plus additional seats at tables for Hole in the Sky (judge Zach Holbrook) and Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box (Judge Carl Mandy)

How long are these seats going to stay open? We don’t know! Judging from the rate that the first events filled up, I wouldn’t bet on too long, though. So don’t delay. Head on over to the Gen Con Events page, search for Dungeon Crawl Classics, and get yourself a seat at a DCC table for our biggest con ever!


Author: pandabrett

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