New Releases For Gen Con, Part Five!


We’ve been telling you about the new items we’ll have, but let’s take a moment to talk about where you will find those items at Gen Con 50.

The Goodman Games booth is 600 square feet of fantastic fun, full of every line that we carry, all laid out for you to easily find. Our staff is knowledgable and, most importantly, thrilled to see fans come up so they can talk to them about our games and products. And this year we’ve added a few new sections to our booth that are filled with special items for sale.

Our first new section is The Bazaar of the Bizarre. Filled with a selection of leftover items from our Kickstarters, all sorts of unique, one-off and KS-exclusive items previously not available elsewhere, this is the most unique corner of the booth. Most of these are the extras we produced to deal with customer delivery issues, and we can now sell off these last remaining copies from older Kickstarters and promotions. So, if you are looking for the unique, this is the first place to stop.

TM-Jun36And most of you know the story of Appendix N, and how it not only influenced Dungeons and Dragons, but also the creation of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Well, we have created The Appendix N Book Store for this year’s booth. We will have 500+ vintage Appendix N novels for sale in our booth. This is the equivalent of a complete collection of Appendix N, several times over. This is your chance to fill all the holes in your Appendix N collection in one stop!

And pulp fans rejoice! We also are including a huge selection of the Appendix N pulp reprints at the booth. Some of the most influential authors and artists of the science-fiction and fantasy genres are represented in the pages of these reprint volumes, including Leigh BrackettAugust DerlethGardner F. FoxRobert E. HowardH.P. LovecraftAbraham MerittClark Ashton SmithManly Wade WellmanStanley WeinbaumJack WilliamsonMagaret BrundageVirgil FinlayJ. Allen St. John, and many more! It’s a pulp-stravaganza!

And for the dice-lovers—and what gamer isn’t?—we’re going to have a huge selection for your perusal. There will be twenty-two different colors of the precision-crafted Gamescience dice available at the booth. So if you’ve been wanting to check out these amazing dice, this is a perfect opportunity.

Okay, let’s go over the new sections again, this time in convenient bullet-text format!

  • The Bazaar of the Bizarre – Our selection of leftover and unique items for sale!
  • The Appendix N Book Store – Over 500 vintage novels, representing all of Appendix N!
  • The Pulp Magazine Store – Reprints of some of the most influential works in genre history!
  • The Gamescience Dice Store – A selection of 22 different colored sets of DCC dice for you to choose from!

From top to bottom, the Goodman Games booth is filled with something for everyone. Stop on by at Gen Con 2017, and we’ll happily give you a tour!



Author: pandabrett

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