Official Results, Xcrawl Open Tournament Gen Con 2014


Goodman Games, Xcrawl, and Emperor Ronald I are proud to announce the winners of this year’s Xcrawl: Boston Crawl 2014 tournament!

First Place Grand WinnersDead or Millionaires! A huge congratulations on excellent teamwork, crowd pumping, and beating down monsters.

People’s Choice Award: Death Clap, who only finished one room, but were plucky, courageous, and brilliant roleplayers.

The Award for Excellence Under Haywire Conditions: The Blood Wranglers, who had to deal with escaped monsters backstage, off-the-grid hazards, and GenCon RPG HQ itself!

Tournament MVP: Laura “Betty Badonkadonk Bukowski” Tank, a.k.a. Boom-Boom, for outstanding achievements in mayhem and bare-handed brutality.

Order of the Empire 1st Class: Guest DJ Cameron Haze, for stepping up in a pinch and performing with fearlessness and inspiration.

Thanks to all participants! This was a brilliant tournament and it was an honor to play with each and every one of you.

Official Tournament Scoring

Rank Team Name Score
1 Dead or Millionaires! 60.14
2 Surgical Strike 54.7
3 Midnight Riders 32.8
4 Team Ramrod 28
5 Pork on a Spork 24.4
6 The Not Dead Yets 24.33
7 The Replacements 23.6
8 Death Clap 16.6

Tournament Pregens

Need some pregenerated characters for your Maximum Xcrawl game? Download the level 7 pregens used in our BostonCrawl tournament!