Free RPG Day 2016

FRPGD16ACoverLargeFree RPG Day is Saturday June 18 at a game store near you! Find a participating store and stop by to load up on free game products! Our Free RPG Day offering this year contains two new adventures for DCC RPG. Each of these adventures expands the direction of DCC RPG for an exciting new setting: the first is the world of Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar, and the second is Mutant Crawl Classics!

The Madhouse Meet

The Madhouse Meet is a level 1 adventure for DCC Lankhmar by Michael Curtis. It throws a group of beginning adventurers together, requiring them to work in concert to escape the clutches of a bizarre sorcerer from lands far beyond Lankhmar.

Download pregenerated characters for this adventure here.

The Museum at the End of Time

The Museum at the End of Time is an introductory adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics by Jim Wampler. In this adventure, the Tribe of the Cog’s rite of passage sends young adventurers out into the Glow Desert, where they discover and explore a well preserved museum of the Ancient Ones.

Download pregenerated characters for this adventure here.

Free RPG Day 2016 Collectible Covers

The 2016 Free RPG Day module comes in five different covers, which are randomized among participating retailers. Collect them all!