DCC RPG Resources

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  • Suvudu: May 20 interview with Joseph Goodman regarding DCC RPG and more.
  • GameKnightReviews: February 3, 2012 interview of Joseph Goodman about DCC RPG and other topics.
  • Greifenklaue’s Blog: March 5 interview of Joseph Goodman and Harley Stroh regarding DCC RPG, adventure design, and more! Read the interview: part one and part two

Community: Discuss the DCC RPG on our forums!

Designers’ Diary: Learn more about the RPG design in our regular entries.

DCC-BW-logo-sm2Licensed Third Party Publishers: DCC RPG is supported by additional products from third party publishers!

  • Visit the 3PP forum to get the latest product announcements.
  • Visit the DCC RPG launch page for cover art and additional details.
  • Contact us if you are a publisher looking for information on the free license.

Designer and writer: Joseph Goodman
Additional writing: Michael Curtis, Harley Stroh, Dieter Zimmerman
Cover art: Doug Kovacs
Interior art: Jeff Dee, Jeff Easley, Jason Edwards, Tom Galambos, Friedrich Haas, Jim Holloway, Doug Kovacs, Diesel Laforce, William McAusland, Brad McDevitt, Jesse Mohn, Peter Mullen, Russ Nicholson, Erol Otus, Stefan Poag, Jim Roslof, Chad Sergesketter, Chuck Whelon, Mike Wilson
Special thanks to the playtesters at DunDraCon, CondorCon, GenghisCon, GaryCon, North Texas RPG Con, Mount LeConte, GameFest, SaurusCon, Anaheim Mini-Con, Tacticon, Fal-Con, Dicehouse Games, Comic World, and elsewhere!