Last Chance for Cleft in the Mangled Hills Kickstarter


There are only a few hours left! The campaign ends today for Cleft in the Mangled Hills and the Hillwood Camp Zine!

The latest adventure module from Nick Baran is a body-horror funnel that plays upon your fears in all the best ways. Combine it with a setting concept and you’ve got a fantastic one-two punch in this new third-party Kickstarter for DCC RPG. Let’s see what the Kickstarter has to say:

Cleft in the Mangled Hills is a DCC RPG-compatible adventure module designed primarily for 12-16 0-level characters. A party of 4-6 1st level characters could be substituted, but you may wish to increase the hit points of the monsters, or slightly increase their numbers to keep the adventure challenging. This adventure requires the use of a timekeeping device.

Hillwood Camp is a DCC RPG compatible micro-setting for any number of characters levels 0-4. It details 3 NPCs, the Code of the Woodsfolk, Superstitions of the Woodsfolk, 8 camp locations, 7 training encounters for a single outlier PC or other ranger type character, and several new creatures.

This campaign ends Monday afternoon! There are only a few hours left, so don’t delay! Head on over to Kickstarter right now to show your support!

Author: pandabrett

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