Three DCC-Related Kickstarters Now Live! Pledge Now!

Proof that you can never have too much of a good thing — it’s a trio of DCC Compatible Kickstarters!

Even our heads occasionally spin while trying to keep track of all the great Dungeon Crawl Classics related content out there — currently there are three terrific Kickstarter campaigns ongoing for third-party published DCC-compatible supplements that we’re excited to share with you.

First off from Weird Works there’s Tournament of Pigs, the deadly medieval game show with a twist. This boxset comes with a wealth of player aids and the option for more, as well as rules for zero level parties and the introduction of semi-competitive play between players. Tournament of Pigs promises to be as deadly as it is inventive, with all manner of puzzles and tasks beyond the usual dungeon survival — it’s more fun than chasing a greased pig!

Tales From the Smoking Wyrm Issue 4 continues the eclectic tradition of the earlier ‘zines in this series with a tremendous variety of fresh DCC compatible content for use in your games. This time around the creative talents at Blind Visionary Publications have provided all sorts of troll-lore, the low down on organizations, and brand new familiar, herbs — even ration types! But in addition, this Kickstarter also includes For Whom the Bell Trolls — an all new monograph focusing entirely on creating and running a party of trolls!

Not to be outdone, Seekers of the Un-K’Nown: A Classics Mutated Adventure is an old school dungeon romp set in a post-apocalypse like no other. From the mind of Louis Hoefer comes this gonzo mix of homage and tongue-in-cheek parody — does your party dare explore the teched-out secret base of Quartum-Q, and rescue your future mother-in-law while avoiding getting lasered by beings of smart metal? Only one way to find out!

A great way to keep tabs on all of the great DCC and MCC Kickstarters out there is to check this page for the latest in funding news and up-to-date announcements about the launch of new DCC compatible campaigns!

Author: billward

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