Featured Events for Empire of the Cyclops Con

Look upon her works and despair! The Empire of the Cyclops Con draws nigh, and it is your duty to prepare for its arrival! She will accept no less!

The Empire of the Cyclops Con will be arriving on November 5th, and there are some amazing events that are a part of the upcoming online convention! We’ve got a list of some of the top choices for you to check out!

Save Xcrawl Tournament (event 105)

Announcing the return of the annual DCC Open Tournament, this year featuring Xcrawl Classics! Get ready to enter the area and compete for the coveted title of DCC Open Tournament champion with you and your team whose names will be immortalized on the Gong of Doom!

When and Where:

Round 1:

Friday, November 5 – 12:00 noon EST – 4:00 pm EST
Friday, November 5 – 8:00 pm EST – 12:00 midnight EST 
Saturday, November 6 – 10:00 am EST – 2:00 pm EST 

Round 2 (live-streamed via Twitch):

Saturday, November 6 – 4:00 pm EST – 8:00 pm EST

Attack of the Reaver Horde!

War horns sound and the earth shakes beneath the tread of a thousand warriors! Lead the legions of the Spawn in battle to reclaim her birthright! Players will take the role of a council of warlords, debating and deciding strategy as they fight to cast off the chains of tyranny, in a persistent war game that plays out over the course of the convention.

Players may jump in and out of the game throughout the weekend; the more reavers that join, the greater the Spawn’s Horde, and we’ll need every ally you can muster. Join Jen Brinkman and Harley Stroh for a live playtest of Harley’s latest DCC homebrew.

When and Where:

This persistent DCC war game will only be held over the course of three sessions during Empire of the Cyclops Con.

Friday, November 5 – 5:00 pm EST – 7:00 pm EST
Saturday, November 6 – 5:00 pm EST – 7:00 pm EST
Sunday, November 7 – 2:00 pm EST – 4:00 pm EST

All sessions will be held inside Gather.Town. Aspiring warlords should gather at the southwest corner table, in the Inn of the Slumbering Drake.

Caves of Refuge – “The Mines of Misery” (event 128)

In times of danger, the residents of the town of Rolston have sought safety in the caves at the foothills of the refuge mountains. If the townspeople had only kept better records of the town’s founding, they might never have been willing to go into the Caves of Refuge.

A DCC Funnel – 0 Level


Friday, November 5 – 12:00 noon EST

Welcome to Funnelville! (event 36)

The life of a peasant is a hard one but your village is pleasant. That is, until this morning. You’ve heard rumors of Grand Cyclops Domagon, the leader of a cult of zealots that roams the countryside. They destroy villages and take the children for slaves. It seemed too fantastic to be true!

New players welcome!


Friday, November 5 – 1:00 pm EST

Who Lives In Grimsbourgh? (event 53)

Are you real or are you a storybook character?… Because in the town of Grimmsbourgh fairy tales can come true and become truly terrifying!

Grimmsbourgh, Massachusetts is like any tight-knit community. The younger kids go to Liberty Elementary and the older kids go to Anderson High school, home of the wolves. On the edge of town is the satellite campus of Ravenwood. On Main street, there is The Book Nook, Mills Dry Cleaning, Treasures and Trinkets, and The Round Table, the local diner and place to come together to find out the latest gossip.

Character Sheets will be provided!


Friday, November 5 – 7:00 pm EST

The Heart of Rock n’ Roll (event 51)

Your band of Xcrawlers must face off against the perils of an arena built in honor of the Gods of Rock n’ Roll! Peril awaits around every turn and on every note!

A Level 2 Xcrawl Classics adventure, pre-gens provided. Theater of the mind format (no VTT).


Friday, November 5 – 8:00 pm EST

Dark Tower Playtest (events 107 & 110)

An ancient evil has overtaken a once holy shrine. Thus, a sleepy mountain hamlet becomes a focal point for mysterious disappearances and even stranger legends of what lurks beneath the village.


Saturday, November 6 – 1:00 am EST (yes, 1:00 am, after midnight)
Sunday, November 7 – 1:00 am EST (yes, 1:00 am, after midnight)

The Blackest Friday (events 26 and 25)

Have you ever wanted to help Santa save Black Friday in the apocalypse? In this adventure, you have the opportunity.

In The Blackest Friday, F. Feo Zwartz has a multi-million dollar toy order stolen. F. Feo Zwartz arrives in Whole Sale to find that what was to be the most popular toy revealed at his toy store on Black Friday is missing. He advertises over the huge TV screens in Square Times, his need for investigators to find out where his multi-million dollar shipment has gone. F. Feo Zwartz offers a wad of cash to you if you are able to find what happened to his Black Friday shipment. He tells you that you have only 48 hrs as Santa is to arrive on his sleigh at the toy store to unveil the best toy ever to be sold at F. Feo Zwartz’s toy store.

Level 5 DCC Umerica adventure. This is a playtest for experienced players.


Saturday, November 6 – 9:00 am EST
Sunday, November 7 – 1:00 pm EST

When Manimals Attack! (event 92)

A mute manimal and the rediscovery of the fabled city of Zuu throw the players into the midst of a savage uprising against all of Terra AD. Playtest of a 2nd-level Mutant Crawl Classics adventure. Pregens provided and will be played “theater of the mind” via Zoom.


Saturday, November 6 – 10:00 am EST

The Arwich Grinder (event 115)

The Curwen Family have lived up among the pine woods on the outskirts of Arwich Village for as long as the oldest village gaffers can remember. Dark DCC Funnel, characters provided.


Saturday, November 6 – 1:00 pm EST

Well of the Worm (event 90)

The village elders of Barrowdown have called for volunteers. Brave souls are needed to battle a plague of giant worms which have been emerging from an abandoned well.

New DCC players welcome!


Saturday, November 6 – 8:00 pm EST

The Wheel of Fortune (event 65)

A mysterious roulette-style wheel appeared at a local temple. Although the bishop initially assumed it was just a prank from the local bard’s guild, he started worrying when the wheel started granting wishes. The PCs were sent by the regional lord to investigate the situation.

A level 4 adventure for DCC RPG. New players welcome!


Saturday, November 6 – 10:00 pm EST

Dread Orchid (event 116)

Captured by the Anaconda-men with only one hope of escape! This is an add-on to the upcoming Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride Kickstarter.

A DCC RPG level 3 adventure. Characters will be provided.


Sunday, November 7 – 1:00 pm EST

Contact us at cyclops@goodman-games.com with any questions!

And follow the links below to become part of the Empire! The Empire of the Cyclops Con, that is!

In addition to a fantastic array of Dungeon Crawl Classics events, Empire of the Cyclops Con will have a wide variety of events for our attendees to select from, including D&D of all editions and numerous versions of DCC (MCC, XCC, DCC Lankhmar, etc.). So be ready to get your game on no matter the rules!

Important Dates:

  • Event submission opens 9/11.
  • Event schedule posted 10/1.
  • Badge sales open 10/2.
  • Event pre-reg for volunteers and judges 10/3.
  • Event registration opens 10/9. <——-you are here
  • Last day for ticket refunds 11/4.

We look forward to seeing you all on the weekend of November 5-7 at Empire of the Cyclops Con! Don’t miss it.

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