Attack of the Sequel

It’s hard to believe this is the 10th anniversary of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. It feels just like yesterday we were standing behind one folding table at Gen Con with a stripy-pants Dieter, trying to figure out if anyone had funky dice for sale in the dealers’ hall. 

Over the past decade, DCC RPG has taken you to some pretty strange places and introduced you to many weird and unforgettable NPCs. Some of them even survived meeting the PCs! Be it the subterranean world of Agharta, the vast wastes of the Purple Planet, the legacy of the Savage Kings, or the machinations of the Host of Chaos, there are many threats out in the DCC multiverse seeking revenge or bizarre locales waiting to be further explored. 

This month, as part of the celebration of Dungeon Crawl Classic’s 10th anniversary, we’re asking the fans what they would like to revisit as a brand new adventure to be published in the Goodman Games 2022 Yearbook. We’ve poured over the moldering manuscripts, sent a few more goblins down into the print mine, and looked over the eldritch sales figures to compile this utterly informal Top Ten List of Great Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventures

Until April 6, 2022, we’re asking you to vote on what adventure you want to see a sequel to. Do you want to discover what happens after the events of Intrigue at the Courts of Chaos? Have you felt like it’s time for another Journey to the Center of Aereth? Still have a bone to pick with the Atomic Overlord? Here’s your chance to let us know.

Once we’ve tallied the numbers, Goodman Games will commission a new short adventure based on the winning entry. The adventure will feature familiar ground and possibly faces, ones sure to challenge your now-more-experienced adventurers. And who knows? Maybe you’ll finally put the bad guy down for good this time!

If your choice doesn’t win this year, fret not: this might become an annual occurrence. The DCC library of adventures continues to grow, introducing new places, worlds, and foes to challenge the player characters. And you can’t defeat them all the first time around. There are plenty more sequels waiting out there. Enough to base a string of Hollywood blockbusters on (Hollywood studios, call us! Please?).

So head on over to our poll and vote for your favorite! You might see a new adventure come to life from the ashes of the old! Vote today!