UX02: Mind Games


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DCC Rules for Psionics powers and those that use them

Within this tome you will find…

  • The Psion – A PC class that harnesses the power of the mind to crush their enemies.
  • A full write up of how Psionics work in Dungeon Crawl Classics, including psionic dueling rules!
  • A comprehensive list of Psionic powers for all levels of play. Over 50 powers in total.
  • New Psionic items, including the powerful and proud psychic Living Crystal Weapons.
  • New Psychic monsters for your players to encounter and be slain by.
  • A  Psi-beast Critical Hit chart to inflict upon those hapless PCs

A 6″ x 9″ book with 68 pages of pure brain pain to add to your campaign. Compatible with nearly any genre or flavor of DCC you play!

SOFS_LogoPublished by: Shield of Faith Studios

Written by:Reid San Filippo with additional material by Jon Carnes, Gilbert Isla, and Sean Ellis
Edited by: Jason Bossert
Cover art: Nate Marcel
Interior art: Claytonian, Diogo Nogueira, David Coppoletti, Nate Marcel, Matt Hildebrand