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Hardbound Horror!

Transylvanian Adventures is a Hammer Horror-inspired supplement for DCC RPG, featuring rule enhancements and 8 new character classes.

Set aside those “Domains of Despair” for a World of Adventure! Ancient secrets and epic adversaries lie buried in a land of nightmares, mists, and superstition. Frightened innkeepers bolt their doors for fear of the stranger at the threshold. Stoic villagers stand helpless against horrors beyond belief. It is up to you to turn back the tide of darkness. And it all starts here! Transylvanian Adventures is a supplement for Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics role-playing game. This book features new character classes and rule enhancements to take you back to the land where modern horror began.

logo_LandOfPhantoms_weblogoPublished by: Land of Phantoms

Written by: S.A. Mathis
Cover art: Doug Kovacs
Interior art: Doug Kovacs, Daniel J. Bishop, Bygrinstow, S. Mathis, and Scott Ackerman

hardcover format