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Lord Stenorian promises incredible rewards to find his son, but will you keep the bargain when you learn the truth?

For generations your village struggled to survive in the shadow of the distant Stenorian estate. Now raiders have overrun the ancient keep, and the lord and the lady of the manor come pleading for your help. The mighty Lord Stenorian offers you a deal too good to be true: find his son, hiding somewhere in the house, and he will use his supernatural power to reward you beyond your wildest dreams.

But the Stenorian manor holds secrets kept for centuries, and horrors you cannot imagine. When you learn the truth, will you keep your half of the fell bargain?

The Peasants’ Fell Bargain is an original Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible 0-Level funnel adventure, inspired by classic tales of horror and the original master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. The module features 28-pages of adventure, illustrations, handouts, and game supplements, including “Encounter Cards” that judges can photocopy, cut out, and use to run combats.

GamingHonorsLogoPublished by: Gaming Honors

Written by: Martin Buinicki
Art by: Lance Hodge and Thad Donovan
Additional contributors: Andrea Proulx Buinicki

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