Sinking the Stercorarius, The Salty Funnel Level 0 Adventure – Print + PDF


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Sinking the Stercorarius DCC RPG Judge's Screen - Print + PDF

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Escape a sinking ship and swim to… safety? What could go wrong? Something grabbed my leg! Ahh! Tentacles!

The characters are trapped on a sinking ship. Normally, this is where the pirates would show up, but they don’t. It seems that Stercorarius’ Captain, to maximize profit on the trip, took on secret cargo from shadowy clients. A dozen crates that may have been leaking some sort of slime.

The water is roiling with something in it, was that a tentacle? Swimming is the only option, but will it lead to safety… or death? What sunk the ship? What are those tentacles? Where do we go with no land in sight?

Published by: 2 Old Guy Games, LLC

Written by: Christophor Rick & Michael Spredemann
Art by: Domille’s Wondrous Works, Jennifer Greenfield, Rory Klawien, Rachel Maduro, Christophor Rick, and Frank T.


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