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Adventure in a robot filled death maze run by an insane computer.

Mother’s Maze is a zero-level funnel designed to be used with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. In this adventure the players take on the role of clones trying to escape from a decaying military facility. This facility is run by an insane computer named Mother, who sends the clones into a maze filled with deadly traps and terrible monsters. The adventure has multiple exit points and can be played numerous times. Mother’s Maze is bursting with dangerous robots, mysterious mutants and the crazed creations of a deranged machine. Will the players become the pawns of Mother or will they delve deeper into the complex and discover the secrets of this fallen Terran outpost?

Published by: Vance Games

Written by: Daniel Vance
Art by: Carmin Vance, Kevin Vecchi, Daniel Vance, and Tino

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