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Azagar’s Book of Rituals – PDF


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If there is anything I’ve learned in my sixty years on this godsforsaken plane, it’s that you can never be too prepared.  Sometimes all the spells and steel in the world won’t pull your arse from the fire when a well-laid plan has gone belly up. What you need then is a good ritual to turn disaster into victory – or at least into something that doesn’t resemble your own very messy demise.  Good thing ol’ Azagar is here to chisel a bit of the stupid off a world full of blockheads…I mean adventurers.  
– Azagar

Azagar’s Book of Rituals presents over 300 new rituals for Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons! Narrated by the hobgoblin general Azagar in his own inimitable style, Azagar’s Book of Rituals features every category of rituals. It covers heroic, paragon, and epic play, and even includes rituals appropriate for the PHB2 bard and druid classes. An exhaustive set of indexes makes the book easy to navigate, and allows you to find rituals alphabetically, by level, or by category. Prepare yourself for hundreds of new ritual options for your character!


  • Neuroglyph Games: “In the final analysis, I would have to strongly recommend Azagar’s Book of Rituals to every D&D Gamer.  Even if you ended up disliking half of the Rituals listed in the supplement, you’re still adding new content to your 4e Campaign for less than a dime a Ritual! This book helps to fill in many gaps that are in the current catalogue of ‘official’ Rituals, and offers some brilliant and well-written new magicks to enhance your 4E Experience.”
  • Living Dice: “In recap, I think this is a fantastic book at a fantastic price. Every 4E DM and ritual casting player should own it. I know I will be personally providing incentive to my home game ritual casters to grab this off the game shelf to use.”
  • Spirits of Eden: “If you’ve been wanting to make Rituals more desirable to players in your campaign, I heartily recommend this book. It is very easy to use due to its sections and indexes, and it contains such vast amounts of useful rituals.”