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Dungeon Crawl Classics #84: Peril On The Purple Planet – PDF


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A Level 4 Adventure for DCC RPG

The Purple Planet: Where tribes of man-beasts wage an endless war beneath a dying sun. Where mighty death worms rule the wastes, befouled winds whistle through ancient crypts, and forests of fungi flourish in the weirdling light. Where ancient technologies offer life … or a quick death.

Bereft of patron, friend, or god, your survival depends on quick wits and a strong blade. Will you and your companions stand as conquerers atop this alien land? Or will you fall beneath the blast of an ink-black death ray, just another corpse left to litter the wastes of the Purple Planet?


  • Tower of the Archmage: “You’ll also be strongly considering setting an entire campaign on the Purple Planet, not just one massive fantastic adventure… I so can not wait for the rest of the material to come from the Purple Planet!”
  • Ten Foot Pole: “One of the best published adventures. Ever. It fits. You need this. Harley Stroh is surely the latest to take up the banner of a race of romantic dreamers.”
  • Black Gate: “If you love sword-and-planet you need it. Even if Dungeon Crawl Classics isn’t your role-playing system of choice, you need it. Hell, you might even need even if you like sword-and-planet and don’t intend to game, because it’s just a blast.”

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Inside the Box: The Purple Planet Kickstarter allowed us to create a complete world inside a box! The boxed set includes multiple booklets in addition to the basic module plus a Purple Planet GM screen.

Writer: Harley Stroh
Cover Art and Cartography: Doug Kovacs
Additional writing: Daniel J. Bishop, Tim Callahan, Edgar Johnson, and Terry Olson