Tales From The Magician’s Skull

Tales From the Magician’s Skull is a printed fantasy magazine dedicated to presenting all-new sword-and-sorcery fiction by the finest modern crafters in the genre. These stories are the real thing, crammed with sword-swinging action, dark sorceries, dread, and ferocious monsters — and they hurtle forward at a headlong pace. 

Our goal is to publish Tales From The Magician’s Skull twice a year, with issues released in March and September each year. Issue #3 is now available both online and at your FLGS, and Issue #4 will release in March 2020. Others will follow bi-annually thereafter.

Upon reaching issue #666, the Skull will travel to a higher plane and the magazine will end.

In the future, we will be offering subscriptions for Tales From The Magician’s Skull. Details coming soon!

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