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Underdark Adventure Guide – PDF


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The Underdark Adventure Guide details the strange, alien world of the underdark. The underdark is far more than just dungeons and caves. It is a veritable underground continent, populated by advanced civilizations, ancient ruins, sunless seas, alien magic, bizarre creatures, and the horrid denizens of the gloom. The standards of the surface world hold no sway in the underdark, and its mysteries, ferocity, and danger will challenge even the hardiest of adventurers.

This book includes everything you need to create a compelling underdark world. Underdark adventures are easy to integrate with an existing campaign, as the very nature of the underdark lends itself to layering – simply arrange for the discovery of a subterranean portal, and the land beneath your existing campaign has a new life.

The Underdark Adventure Guide is divided into four chapters:

  • The first chapter examines the characters of the underdark, especially among the most populous races: the drow, duergar, derro, svirfneblin, and troglodytes. This section defines the most renowned traits of these races with a variety of new prestige classes, then concludes with new equipment, feats, and skill applications useful to everyone. You can use this section to flesh out the enemies your PCs will face, or apply them to the stats for these underdark races found in the MM and DMG to use them as player characters.
  • Chapter two introduces a variety of new monsters suitable to life in the underdark.
  • Chapter three provides guidelines for creating an underdark campaign. These are mostly for inspiration – a collection of keywords and ideas that can help you get started on a new campaign, or tie together elements of an existing one.
  • The book concludes with chapter four, which describes several points of interest in great detail. These cities, camps, and other locations can be dropped into your own campaign as needed, or inserted in their totality as an already-defined area.

The Underdark Adventure Guide is a stand-alone book. It can be used in conjunction with the Aerial Adventure Guide, or used independently. If you’re planning an underdark campaign, you might also be interested in Monsters of the Endless Dark, Complete Guide to Drow, and Complete Guide to Beholders.

Writers: Michael Mearls and Dean Poisso
Cover Artist: V. Shane
Interior Artists: Marcio Fiorito, William McAusland, and V. Shane