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Killian’s Krawls: MX-03 – The Curse of Melifex the Mad – PDF


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Killian’s Krawls: MX-03 The Curse of Melifex the Mad – An Adventure for 3rd Level Characters.

With the bang of a gavel, your life has completely changed. Selling the magical works of the wizard known as Melifex the Mad has made you wealthier than any of the rulers of the five realms. Unfortunately, the works turned out to be as much of a curse as a blessing because the new owner of the magical research may be behind a plot to embroil the realms in war, famine, and economic ruin. Upset with your potential contribution to nationwide chaos, a group of citizens known as “The Committee” has tasked you with finding out what the new owner of Melifex’s works is up to. Are you prepared to know the truth?    

The adventure contains 12 encounters, 6 new monsters, 3 new spells with descriptions,  2 new magic items, and GM tools to assist with managing the adventure. 

Compatible with the DCC RPG.

Published by: FSH Professional Ltd

Written by: Stuart C. Killian
Art by: Courtney Boling III