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Beneath the Giant's Head - Print + PDF

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A 60-page DCC RPG adventure for a party of 2nd level characters.

When Mrs. Wynworth lay on her deathbed, succumbing to old age, her cat, Mr. Mu, came up with a plan to resurrect his beloved owner. Mr. Mu invited the mysterious Woman in Black to the village, who performed a dark ritual in his dying owner’s bedroom.  The ritual was supposed to resurrect Mrs. Wynworth at her funeral…. However, Mr. Mu was deceived. Instead of resurrecting Mrs. Wynworth at her funeral, the ritual teleported the entire village to an interdimensional prison. Now, it is a race against time for YOUR PLAYERS to find a way to the Woman in Black’s Lair and defeat her before she begins feasting on the villagers’ souls.

The Cat and the Resurrection is a third-party compatible DCC RPG adventure designed for a Level 2 party of 6 to 10 characters.  This adventure is part of the Greenleaf Adventures series and follows the events of Beneath the Giant’s Head.

Published by: Tasaka Games

Written by: Mark Tasaka
Art by: Mark Tasaka

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