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A 52-page DCC adventure for a party of 2nd level characters.

The dwarves removed a sample of the alloy and gave it to their king.  The Dwarf King was pleased with the find and ordered his dwarves to return to the caverns to retrieve more alloy.

As the dwarves were removing the second batch of alloy, they woke up something inside the structure.  When the dwarves did not return, a party of fighting-dwarves was sent to search for their missing brethren.  Only half of the fighting-dwarves returned alive; the survivors spoke of metallic beings and strange monsters in the caverns.  The entrance to the caverns was sealed off and a call out for adventures was made to uncover and destroy the source of evil that lurks beneath the Giant’s Head.  

Beneath the Giant’s Head is a third-party compatible Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure designed for a party of 6 to 10 Level 2 characters; this adventure builds on the Fantastic Adventures and the Disgruntled Gong Farmer adventure module.

Published by: Tasaka Games

Written by: Mark Tasaka
Art by: Mark Tasaka

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